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April 29, 2024

Elenjical Solutions pioneers Murex’s MXopenconnect development framework

After extensive internal testing, financial software company Murex is offering MXopenconnect to external users of its MX.3 platform, with Elenjical Solutions among the first consultancies to be able to offer services in the new development framework.

MXopenconnect is a new developmental framework being offered by French financial software company Murex that allows development and hosting of complex interfaces to be created using Java.  A team of specialists at Elenjical Solutions has successfully completed a rigorous three-month training conducted by Murex, which has honed their proficiency in the MXopenconnect platform. The Johannesburg consultancy is now poised to offer development services using this new approach to new and existing customers worldwide.


What is MXopenconnect?

MXopenconnect is both a development and runtime framework based on the industry standard Apache Camel, which allows the development and hosting of interfaces in Java. It provides a rich library of connectivity endpoints, extensive coverage of integration patterns, and a structured approach to building interface routes in and out of MX.3. It complements the MxMLExchange framework by providing IT operators with full programmatic experience in developing simple to complex interfaces.

“MXopenconnect is a game-changer for businesses looking to elevate their financial systems integration,” says Tinu Elenjical, Founder and Managing Director of Elenjical Solutions. “Our clients can now leverage our specialized skill set to create highly sophisticated, custom interfaces with unprecedented efficiency. This not only reduces costs but also enhances the ability to perform complex tasks with the high-quality output customers expect.”

By leveraging Java, MXopenconnect provides a streamlined approach to developing advanced interfaces. MXopenconnect empowers developers to build sophisticated interfaces with ease and efficiency, reducing the effort required to do the same in MxMLExchange. MXopenconnect ensures superior code management and traceability. Each amendment is logged, offering an audit trial that guarantees precision and accountability.

“MXopenconnect is poised to redefine how financial institutions perceive and execute system integration,” added Tinu Elenjical. “Elenjical Solutions is not just providing a service; we are offering a standout solution that will shape the future of financial operations in South Africa.”

To learn more about Murex’s new service in South Africa, contact Elenjical Solutions at https://www.elenjicalsolutions.com/