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June 28, 2022

Elenjical Solutions becomes only 3rd provider certified by Amazon for Murex Cloud migration

Elenjical Solutions’ ability to migrate highly complex enterprise platforms to the Cloud has been recognised by Amazon, recently demonstrated by its expertise moving a South African insurance giant’s sophisticated capital markets platform to the AWS Cloud, without setbacks and in record time.

Leading South African financial services technology consultancy Elenjical Solutions has become only the third global provider to be endorsed by Amazon Web Services for its ability to migrate Murex enterprise capital markets technology platforms onto the Cloud.

Elenjical Solutions is an AWS partner company and has been actively recruiting and upskilling engineers with Cloud migration competences, ahead of a surge in demand for companies wanting to shift from proprietary servers to a more modern, Cloud-based approach. While a migration expert at the highly complex Murex trading platform, Elenjical Solutions can also move all types of enterprise system to the Cloud. Benefits of the shift include improving ongoing business processes and driving new sources of competitive advantage.


Top systems integrator, says Amazon

“We are pleased to have been recognized by Amazon for our Cloud expertise, as a top system integrator and our deep understanding of highly complex applications, making for a perfect combination,” says Elenjical Solutions’ Thabiso Romosolo, the consultancy’s head of Murex. “By making use of Cloud-based, fully managed services we help clients shift responsibility for hardware procurement, updates, security patching, monitoring and reporting all onto the Cloud provider. This frees up resources to focus on other important topics, such as production stability.”



The Cloud is the foundation for this new, agile business world and Elenjical Solutions is a leader in helping organisations make the move and take advantage of the effective use of technology. The AWS Cloud supports data sharing, collaboration, communication and overall productivity.


In the insurance giant’s Cloud migration project Elenjical helped move its entire front-to-back and risk Murex stack to Amazon Web Services, while simultaneously completing a Murex upgrade to the latest MX.3 version. Not only that, the company also implemented Apache Airflow as the client’s new workflow scheduler – all in just nine months. (*Taking several years for such a migration is not uncommon.) Thanks to Elenjical Solutions’ expertise, migrating the insurer’s Murex platform onto the Cloud was done quickly and efficiently.


“The Cloud is a great place to move enterprise software workloads,” says Colyn Van Zyl, head of infrastructure at Elenjical Solutions. “Besides speeding up production and giving extra functionality, our client now benefits from lower maintenance and overall costs. Creating any number of new development environments now takes just minutes to set up, compared to weeks or even months as the reliance on traditional, non-scalable hardware was removed.”